My Angel Story


Tricia Galligan

“May the Angel’s give you courage thru n’ thru, as a reminder they are always watching over you!” ~ Tricia

Tricia Galligan
Tricia Galligan

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Healer. I’ve been practicing Energy Healing since 1997. I began having health issues a few years prior and realized that mainstream medicine was not going to enough to heal my body. I started studying alternative ways to heal. I found a few books that caught my interest in healing. I turned to Energy Medicine which felt very familiar to me and it immediately changed my life forever. It was a force I couldn’t ignore. I studied a few of the ancient ways of healing and some of the modern-day systems, which led me to remember and understand hands on healing that the Angels taught me as a child. At the age of 5, my Guardian Angels started coming to me through thoughts, feelings and my mind’s eye, to give me direction as to how to heal myself. All the modalities I studied and worked with brought me back to the Reiki Energy.

During my youth, I was able to communicate easily and very naturally with my Angels. They became my best friends, as I would connect with them and receive guidance for myself and people around me. I eventually learned the hard way, not to talk about the Angels and the information they would give me. I started keeping everything to myself and I prayed to be relieved of this gift. Being Empathic, I knew it caused people around me to feel uncomfortable and fearful. They started believing I could read them and see everything they thought and did, which was actually true at the time. I couldn’t imagine what was good about this gift, if it caused everyone so much fear. I realized people would not benefit from this type of help if they were so distressed. I decided to keep quiet and never talk about my abilities to people again.

Later in life, my experiences with the Angels evolved. I took my first Reiki Class in 1997. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. During the whole class, my eyes kept tearing up and during my Attunement, I was seeing Angels all around me. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I decided to overcome my fear and not hold back the healing and information that would improve people’s lives in Body, Mind and Spirit. Family, friends, acquaintances, strangers and students who took my classes, always craved more, so I decided not to be afraid of the backlash. I made the decision to move forward in the direction the Angels prepared me for since childhood.

While working in the corporate world full-time, I did my healing work on the side. A few years ago, I decided to return to my passion that I once put aside, and start my own practice. It’s been magic ever since. It’s opened unimaginable doors for me and for my clients, who had the courage to look within and find their own truth and transform their lives from the pain/fear they once endured.