Labradorite Dream Stone

A beautiful natural blue-green stone found in many parts of the world. It is sometime referred to as the Black Moonstone. This stone is known as the Dream Stone. It enhances dreams, helps you to process through dreams and to remember your dreams when you wake. It also helps to draw to you anything positive that you visualize or “day dream.” It only carries positive energy, so only enhances positive sleep and positive desires. It strengthens the imagination and creativity and calms an over active mind.

It is known as the stone of transformation and gives you strength to accept and embrace change. It removes fears and insecurities and empowers you with confidence.

It is a wonderful protecting stone, creating a shield around the aura against negative energies. Its many rays radiate and balance the chakras and heals “holes” and blocks in the aura. It dissolves negative thoughts and negative thinking and calms the temper.

It raises the spiritual awareness of the wearer and increases psychic abilities especially clairvoyance. It allows one to see the truth, so a great stone for business matters.

It stimulates the mind for clear, concentration and improved brain activity.

It is said to regulate hormones, digestion and blood issues and improve eye sight.



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