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Tricia Galligan, Intuitive Counselor & Healer
Tricia Galligan

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tricia Galligan
Tricia Galligan




In a Intuitive Life Coaching session, I will help you take the next step in rapidly transforming your life and living a fuller, happier more joy-filled life and restore your own innate ability to heal yourself and the world. If you’re going through physical or emotional pain, trauma, intense fear, anxiety, hopelessness, loss, grief, chronic illness, livelihood, lack of trust, isolation and more…I understand, I’ve been there. I’m here to tell you, never give up. You’re not alone. You have everything you need within yourself to move forward and heal.

As a Coach, I specialize in Assertiveness Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Mediumship/Grief Coaching which includes helping you to find peace and joy after loss and helping you to find and regain your Life Purpose.   I will help you discover/reignite your Purpose, so you can get Unstuck and create rapid transformation and have a  productive, profitable, and adventurous life which includes freedom.  Let’s go through the fire together and create Purpose, Love, Health and Abundance in the life you were born to live.

This will help you to align your vision that you have for yourself.  I’m here to help, guide and support you back to greater wholeness. It’s my deep desire and purpose to assist you in creating a stronger future and help you discover your full potential.

When you truly embrace your unique path with awareness and a firm resolve…your health, relationships and purpose are taken to a whole new level, and allow you to live the quality of life you always envisioned.

This is your next step to align with your Life Goals and Visions after Loss, so you can make a meaningful contribution to the world!

The sessions are 45 minutes but on occasion, I run overtime, so allow for an hour. These sessions are done by phone and Skype. The fee for Intuitive Life Coaching is $150 for 45 minutes. A 4 Session package is $550; an 8 Session package is $1140 and a 12 Session package is $1550 (Best Deal). If you would like, I will include a Free Distance Energy Healing after your sessions. I am also happy to start our coaching relationship with a free 10 minute consultation.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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Available Intuitive Life Coaching Services:

Intuitive Life Coaching Session:
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Package of 4 Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions:
$550 – Book Now

Package of 8 Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions:
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Package of 12 Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions:
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    PLEASE NOTE: Tricia Galligan IS NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or any type of Medical Practitioner; Licensed or Unlicensed by any State or governing authority. Tricia Galligan does not diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs/vitamins/substances, make any health claims, or GUARANTEE ANY OUTCOME. Tricia Galligan is a Professional Holistic Healer, certified in multiple healing modalities. HER HEALING PROCESSSES ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR APPROPRIATE MEDICAL TREATMENTS. If you have a condition that needs medical attention, please seek standard medical treatment and use Coaching or anything else as a complement to it.